Top 7 Domain Registrars in 2020

Hi friends, today I want to discuss Domain Name Registrars. It is no secret that the first thing you need to do before creating a site is to buy a domain. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to create a website (link to article). There are hundreds, if not thousands of domain registrars in the world, some of them have a good reputation, other ones – not so good. Today I propose to discuss proven and quality registrars that I use myself. Okay, here we go.

1. Godaddy

One of the most famous domain name registrars. Godaddy provides a way to register both a domain name and a hosting. This is very convenient when both the domain and hosting are in one place, because less manipulation is required. Godaddy is considered the largest registrar in the world, which in addition to hosting and domain registration offers solutions to support huge sites and e-commerce.


  • 24/7 technical support
  • Built-in site builder
  • A wide range of tariffs, including special offers for WordPress sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all open hosting sites
  • Excellent uptime
  • A wide network of servers around the world.
  • Using CDN technology to increase the speed of content delivery

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is another giant domain name registrar. Very pleased with the simple navigation of the site. Huge knowledge base, where you can find almost any answer for the question (the base also includes video tutorials). Huge selection of domain zones with frequent promotions and discounts.


  • Excellent customer service – there is an excellent chat feature that works very fast and very reliable
  • Tons of useful YouTube videos to help you deal with some of the most common domain hosting problems
  • Easy to use interface – easy to navigate on your account page
  • High security standards – with every domain registered in NameCheap, you get one free year to the WhoisGuard privacy protection service

3. NetworkSolutions

NetworkSolutions is the famous American registrar, famous for the fact that the domain name was registered there until 2003. 
The company offers the same hosting services as many registrars. I have a couple of domains registered there and I can say that for all the time I had no complaints. Support works quickly and helps to solve your problems. This registrar (as well as all the above mentioned) offers SSL (link) certificates that are the must haves if you are serious about promoting your sites. What I do not like is that
you can’t see the price of domains until you add the domain to the basket. That doesn’t sound very convenient to me. You can pay with an American Express, Visa, MasterCard and PayPal


  • Lots of 1-click installations for popular apps
  • Extensive support for programming languages
  • Free domain name for a longtime registrar
  • Virtually unlimited email accounts

4. (1 and 1) is another registrar that has existed on the Internet for a long time. At the moment they manage almost 20 million domains, which is a lot. To buy a domain you can start from 1 dollar, but this price lasts for the first year only. Another plus is that when you add a domain to the basket, then the price you see it’s the same price that you have to pay in total. In addition to domain registration, they offer web hosting, e-mail hosting and website builder, for those who are not very familiar with site building.


  • For virtual hosting, the company provides its own control panel
  • The company provides protection against DDoS attacks, SSL certificate and Railgun CDN for all shared hosting packages.
  • The cost of some shared hosting packages includes SiteLock – an antivirus and malware scanner
  • The company provides round-the-clock support in live chat and over the phone. Support in chat rooms advises on general issues, and by phone – on technical issues

5. – another popular registrar with additional hosting services, as well as website builder (link to my article). Website Builder is very good for those who do not know much about site building and who have no programming knowledge. So if you’re looking for everything to be in one place, then is a great choice. The support unfortunately doesn’t work around the clock, so if you have any problems, you’re gonna have to deal with them on your own. has been existing since 2003. 


  • Offers an all-in-one approach with complementary products. You can bundle your domain, website builder, hosting, and email and do it all from their platform
  • Has a built-in bulk search functionality that allows you to search and register for many domains all at once
  • Has a large selection of various TLDs (top-level domains), making it easy to find unique choices to match your business needs

6. – a popular domain registrar, which offers a huge number of different TLD domain zones and not expensive hosting with additional services such as SSL, VPS hosting, domain protection and others.  
I registered about 40 domains for all the time at Nowadays, offers not only domain registration services, but also web hosting, e-mail hosting and other services. Also, this registrar offers a website builder with lots of templates, including mobile templates, various tools etc. However, these are all additional services. The main activity is the registration of domain names, and this process is very well established for many years, because has been around since the early 2000s. When you are looking for a domain, the service will show your if domain is occupied already. If so, the service will offer you to choose other TLD domains that may be also suitable for you.


  • The interface is clean, easy to navigate, and straightforward
  • offers a lot of TLD options that go beyond generic domains
  • Has a variety of complementary products, from hosting packages to email management to site builders, and they’re all incredibly easy to access from both the homepage and the Control Panel

7. – american company, founded in 1994 in New York. Currently, there are more than 2.5 million domains under In addition to domain registration, the company also offers hosting services, website builders and SSL capabilities. Customer support accepts applications by phone and email. WHOIS privacy protection can be set for an additional fee.


  • Small businesses can get marketing help to grow traffic and leads
  • Choose from 4 SSL certificate types to get exactly what you need for your purposes
  • Customer support is available 7 days a week

Review table for different domain zones

Domain registrar .com .net .co Starting at $11.99 Starting at $14.99 Starting at $0.99 Starting at $8.88 Starting at $11.98 Starting at $3.88 Starting at $20 Starting at $25 Starting at $25 Starting at $1 Starting at $1 Starting at $1 Starting at $8.99 Starting at $10.99 Starting at $5.99 Starting at $8.99 Starting at $12.99 Starting at $1.99 Starting at $5 Starting at $5 Starting at $5

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