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SEO is certainly not an academic science. But one has only to look at how much knowledge, tools, analytical data needs to be obtained and needs to be processed during the promotion process in order to understand that SEO needs a powerful information and educational basis. Without it, attempts to independently develop this direction can be considered only a waste of time and money. Today I will tell you where and how you can learn SEO optimization and is it realistic to do it yourself.

Yes, SEO can hardly be called a narrow area, for solving problems of which it is enough to learn a couple of rules. To do your job at the highest level, attract as much traffic as possible, and effectively develop Internet projects, you need to develop, learn new information and learn new skills.

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to education is universities. But neither universities nor institutes will be able to learn SEO promotion. Someone might think that SEO is not a serious profession, therefore there is no faculty of website promotion in universities. But the reason is quite different.

Unlike other areas, the departments of which can be found in various educational institutions, SEO is constantly changing, responding to changes in search engine algorithms, the market, the competitive environment, the nature of users and other factors. This fact does not allow compiling a program for studying the subject and without an approved educational methodology, no university can add a new specialization.

Another problem of universities is the lack of qualified teachers who are proficient in SEO optimization. 

Perhaps, when educational institutions are ready to adapt to the modern rhythm of life and think over a solution for subjects, the program of which will change at least once a year, applicants will be able to choose the faculty of SEO promotion for themselves. Or at least fully study this direction in the framework of another discipline related to the development of Internet projects.

Where and How to Get Information for Self-Study SEO

Thematic blogs of specialists in the field of promotion and optimization will help you learn how to work with each individual tool and implement cool solutions for development on your website. A detailed description and clear instructions will make the learning process simple and convenient. The main thing is to choose the right site for the source of information, otherwise you can only get confused and waste your time. 

When implementing any tool, we recommend that you do not ignore the guides and tips of search engines. Developers know their product very well, understand what it is for and how to use it correctly. This information is very valuable and useful given its relevance and accuracy.

Can you learn SEO yourself using only feature articles and search engine guides? Most likely, they will not be enough for a full study of SEO optimization. After all, neither articles nor guides will teach you how to think like an SEO specialist, and will not help you to independently develop a strategy for the development of your business. These are sources of additional information on the operation of a particular tool. They will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced optimizers in mastering a new method or reception of optimization or promotion.

As well as blogs and guides, webinars and workshops, offered in the public domain for everyone, allow you to get acquainted with individual SEO methods and tools and are very useful for practitioners. They cannot be considered as a full-fledged method to learn how to optimize and promote sites yourself. But with their help, you can and should follow the news and SEO trends, as well as get acquainted with new optimization tools.

We recommend that you constantly keep your finger on the pulse and monitor the publication of webinars on the Internet. To do this, be sure to subscribe to the channels and updates of the most famous and knowledgeable bloggers. This will not require financial costs, but it will help you to always stay up to date with SEO news. It may seem to be difficult to independently track the emergence of all new tools or trends in optimization, but it’s still possible and worth your time. Just make a start!

Today, most of the professional SEO specialists will recommend online courses when asked how to quickly learn SEO. I agree with that and there are many reasons for this.

Key benefits of online courses for the SEO profession:

  • the choice of time and place of classes is yours;
  • the pace of learning depends solely on your capabilities;
  • viewing classes is available to you at any time within the training: even if you missed something, could not study the next lesson at the scheduled time, or forgot part of the material learned, you can view the video again or after the majority of students have studied it;
  • there is a personal account for everyone, in which all the information necessary for study and practice is available;
  • checking homework allows you not only to work out the learned methods in practice, but also to sort out possible mistakes with professionals;
  • the possibility of correspondence with a teacher who will help you sort out all the questions that have arisen with you;
  • often, the cost of training includes additional master classes or students are given discounts on other courses of the company.

How to Choose the Right Online SEO Course

It is clear that you should look for proven platforms and courses that are recommended by existing SEO specialists who have studied them. But, besides the brand of the school, it is worth paying attention to some points. 

Give preference to the most complete programs covering all possible aspects of SEO. The more theoretical material you receive, the less time you will have to spend in the future looking for additional information.

Practice, practice and more practice. Choose a course that includes hands-on exercises and mandatory homework review. The more practice you have in the learning process, the better you will master the material, therefore, the more effective the learning will be. If you don’t practice while studying, you won’t learn to work on your own. Tip: find a friend or acquaintance who has a website that needs optimization and promotion. Offer him your help for free. Later you can add this work to your portfolio.

Opt for courses taught by current practitioners. Only in this case you can be sure that the information received is verified in action and can be successfully applied in your own work.

Personally, I want to recommend you SEO courses from Coursera, as on this online site you will find a large selection of courses at affordable prices. You can also choose courses for different levels – from beginner to advanced.

Be sure to pay attention to the course description and reviews of other students – this way you can choose the best and most suitable option for yourself.

A list of SEO courses that you can find at Coursera:


Thus, almost anyone can learn SEO optimization, regardless of place of residence, employment, individual characteristics of mastering the material. Additional materials will help make learning more effective and comfortable.

Do you have any questions or would you like to share information about the courses you have taken? Email me or leave a comment below! I will be glad to talk and help!

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