How Does Bill Gates Spend His Time? (Daily Routine)

One of the most famous magazines in the world “Fortune” has published several articles about how the working day of the most famous USA’s businessmen goes. The greatest attention was attracted by the story of Bill Gates. 

Bill Gates in the interior of his own office. At home Gates has not one but three monitors. All of them are synchronized with each other and the founder of Microsoft has the 
ability to drag and drop objects from one screen to another. With such a vast screen area, the billionaire can view several documents at once. In Gates opinion such a system significantly improves his productivity.

The Microsoft owner’s workspace is organized as follows. Left screen is for e-mails. In the center – the electronic message, which is currently being worked with. The right screen has an Internet browser. Thus, Gates sees what is going on in the company and adds a link to the email if necessary. In Microsoft, e-mail is the main way to communicate.

Bill Gates himself receives about 100 emails daily. All of his correspondence is, of course, filtered out. The letter comes directly to him in case he has already had correspondence with the author. All employees of Microsoft, HP, Intel and other partner companies also have “privilege” of direct access to Gates. All other e-mails are first accessed by the assistant, who prepares a short report for him on each message (obviously, “leaving out” explicit spam).

SharePoint and Outlook 
It turns out that Bill Gates is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain contact with the right people because of the excess of unnecessary information. The SharePoint program helps him to solve this problem. In general, the billionaire, as the software business genius is supposed to, devotes a significant part of the story about his workday to his favorite programs. With SharePoint, Gates and all his employees can create websites to work together on individual projects. The website contains all the important information about the project: plans, schedules, discussion panels and much more. SharePoint and Outlook are the “skeleton” of the information environment in which the founder of Microsoft works.

“Thinking Week” 
Once a year, Bill Gates takes a break in his standard office work just to… think. For 12 years now, in May, he leaves the workplace for a week and reads about 100 papers written by his employees about the future of technology. This has become a real habit of Bill Gates. 

Office without paper 
In the office of the person who made the “digital revolution”  there is practically no paper. Gates gets 90% of the news on the Internet,
and during meetings when you need to write something down, he uses a PDA, which is fully synchronized with the desktop. The only “low-tech” device in Bill Gates’ office is a flip chart. In some Microsoft offices there are so-called digital flip charts, which are able to convert records into digital form and send information to a computer. The founder himself does not have such a device yet, although he is going to launch it soon.

The days of the former software architect chief are so full of meetings that he often does not have time to write down his daily routine. Often Bill Gates’ working day ends late at night. When the children are sent to bed, he returns to those emails he has not received during the day. If he has had a busy week, it means his employees will have a lot of work on Monday, because of the weekend when the chairman of the company will write them most of his long, thoughtful emails.
Success Secrets From Bill Gates

Following these simple points will lead you to success.

  • Be at the right time in the right place. Microsoft’s success is considered by many to be great luck, but it is more than luck. Bill waited for about six months to “activate his luck”, and when he did not miss this opportunity.
  • Love the technique. Gates’ knowledge of technology kept the company afloat at all times. He has always been a technical leader. 
  • Be confident in your victory. You will find the best, but always be prepared for the worst. You must have a positive attitude. Bill Gates was determined to be victorious in all matters, and his toughness and confidence in making deals do not just say so. He is said to be an excellent expert in eliminating competitors.
  • Keep everything under control. A huge part of Microsoft’s success lies in its CEO, who is constantly exploring new markets and niches, which is reflected in the company’s strategy, which is constantly exploring new markets and niches.
  • Get started now.  Do not wait for the new year, the beginning of the month and Monday. There will not be a perfect moment. Spend time only on what you are just interested in.
  • Success is deceiving. Don’t pay too much attention to success. Success is a bad teacher, because it inspires people that failures are not inherent to them. And because of thinking too much of themselves, sooner or later they begin to lose.
  • The future belongs to the Internet. Technique is certainly good, but the Internet has merged too much with our life. Bill Gates said: “Two types of companies will remain soon: those who are networks, and those who have finished doing business.” and “If your business is not connected with the Internet now, then you do not have a business.”

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