How to Become a Software Tester

Hi folks. Today is not an article, but a short introduction about what you need to know to become a software tester.
In future articles I will cover this topic in more details.

Where do I start?
1. You have to learn Google, a very important skill nowadays, not just for a tester…
2. Thinking. Think big. For example, to understand why this error occurred
3. Not afraid to ask questions (to yourself and others)
4. Compile a resume (ability to correctly submit information)

How to pump up one’s skills?
1. Prioritize, i.e. do everything in order
2. Describe test cases
3. Describe checklists
4. Allocate equivalence classes 
5. Describe the bugs
6. Choose the right tools
7. Learn to read the documentation
8. Work with VCS (git, svn)

What to go deeper into?
1. Learn SQL
2. Test web applications
3. Test mobile applications
4. Test games
5. Automate (Java, Python, C#, JavaScript)
6. Test Rest Api
7. Test Soap UI
8. Carry out load testing (JMeter)
9. Test security
10. Test usability
11. Test localization

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