How to Download Youtube Video for Free in 2020?

How to download videos from YouTube to any device using online services?

This method is good in that it does not require any additional software to be installed. All you’ll need is a special download website.

Below we will look at some of the websites that can help us download videos from YouTube.

1. is a free online media download application, which allows you to download videos from Youtube. I often use this application for my personal needs. In order to download video go to, the click Youtube Video Downloader and paste specific Youtube URL. Then click Download button. After that you will be proposed to download video with different resolutions.


Another website that allows you to download videos from Youtube is This is easy to use resource allows in few clicks to get the needed video to your computer. To download the video go to and paste the URL, then click Download button. You can choose different resolutions from 144p to 1080p.


Quite new web service that also allows you to quickly download Youtube videos. Notube converts your video to the needed format and then you can download it.

How to download videos from YouTube to any device using software?

If you want to upload videos to your PC at maximum speed, use programs like ClipGrab and 4K Video Downloader. Usually they work faster than online services and extensions, but they can only download videos in resolutions up to 1080p.

Both programs are available free of charge for Windows, MacOS and Linux. But ClipGrab offers to download antivirus during installation – don’t forget to give it up. And 4K Video Downloader also has a paid version, which allows you to save all videos of selected channels and playlists at once. Its cost is about 16 dollars.

How to Download Video on Android device using mobile apps?

You can’t find appropriate software on Google Play. They are not allowed in the store due to copyright issues. But you can install such application directly from the developer’s website.

Please note: Google Play is not responsible for programs downloaded from other sources. They can damage your device or cause your Google Account to be blocked.

If you are willing to take a risk, install one of the programs listed below. To do this, go to its website from your mobile device, download the installer and run it.

If the system informs you that your browser has no rights to install, click “Settings” and give permission. If this button does not appear, go to your device settings. Open the section related to security and allow the installation of applications from third parties.

These apps are free, but they show ads. They work roughly the same way. To use any of them, find the video you want via the built-in search and click the download button. Select the video quality and wait for the app to download it.

How to Download Video on iPhone or iPad device using Documents app?

Documents is one of the few programs in the App Store that allow to download videos from YouTube. In spite of this, the application is free.

Run it and enter the built-in browser – a round button in the bottom right corner.

Then open or any other website-downloader from the list at the beginning of this article. Insert a link to the desired clip in the text box and click on the download button. Then select your destination file params and wait until the download is complete.

Add ‘SS’ in your URL and download Youtube video

Open the video you want to download in your web browser and type ‘ss’ before


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