Motivation to Quit the Office Job

Today I want to talk with you about motivation. You already know that my dream is to leave the office and hire work. Many will say that I got drunk. Workplace in a warm office, in a prestigious company, with a good salary, coffee and cookies, what could be better, you would say? But the thing is, I’ve been working in the office for about 8 years now and I’m fed up. Sometimes it seems to me that it would be better if I worked on some kind of physical work, but not in the office. Office work is very exhausting for me. I come home every night and I have no strength, I just fall off my feet, although I am only sitting in front of the computer. You are in the company of strangers to you, everyday you are in contact with them and the worst thing is that you have to do this 5 days a week for 8 hours. In total, you spend 40 hours a week and 160 hours a month with people who you may not even want to talk with. And as I’m so tired every day on a workweek, I have not enough power to dedicate myself to my family and friends. So I decided that I would not waste my time with all these people because I have a family, I have friends, I want to spend my time with them. This is my most strong motivation. 

How did I decide to leave office slavery? I thought a lot about what I can do in my life and what I really want to do and I couldn’t understand that for a long time. For the past year every day I only thought about what I want to do in my life and here were many different ideas. Although I am already 30 years old, I really wanted to connect my life with medicine or aviation, since this is interesting to me but let’s face the truth – it may be a little bit too late to start, especially when you do have a family already. Then I wanted to create software testing courses and teach adults, since I have a lot of experience in software testing. But little bit later I understood that it was also something wrong as I’m not really passionate about that. I looked for answers to my questions on the Internet, but everything boiled down to the fact that I need to develop in the IT field, make a career, and so on but I don’t want to be in the IT anymore. Sometimes you really need to make some changes in your life, so you can move further, develop yourself in something completely different and feel alive again. 

One evening I was sitting behind the computer and remembered that in 2014 I launched a website that I managed to promote absolutely free of charge and I even earned some money. Now this site is no longer there but I remember how I liked the process itself – to make a website, optimize it, put ads and check the money earned in the Google AdSense account. But then I thought that if I already managed to gain some success and I also like this niche, then why not try again? So what if after 6 years you start doing it again, but in a more professional way? I was happy to finally find a niche for myself! Now I also have more knowledge since during all these years I didn’t stop to get more information about the SEO and digital marketing and also applied something in practice. I launched several sites, I got traffic and money from them. Now I’m getting stable money, not as big as I would like to but it’s about 2000 dollars per month only from my websites (it all depends on the month though). Of course I would like to earn more, but while I am working in the office, I cannot devote as much time to my projects as I would like to. And on the other hand I can not leave the office yet as I need to earn more from my business. Constantly. 

When I found the business that I really want to do, I was really happy and excited! I realized that this is an interesting niche, plus you can earn really good money. In addition to making money from websites, I offer promotion services in social networks. They do not bring me much money but it’s still quite good considering that I can do this from home remotely and I don’t spend too much time on it. Also I want to launch an online business consulting service soon, since I have experience in it and I have lots of things, tips and tricks and knowledge to share with others. 

So when will I leave the office? It’s August 2020 now. I promised myself that I would still work in the office for a maximum of 1 year and after that the office career would be over for me. This year I want to reach a stable income $ 10,000 per month. I will keep this blog, share my results and ideas of making money online. I also have a Software testing category on my blog for those who want to learn something new about this profession, so please welcome. But to be honest I’m against that you will work as a tester from the office – you can work remotely from home and be more flexible.

So what can I advise you? If you’re reading my blog then it means that you also want to leave the 9-5 job, get more freedom and money and I fully support you in your great intentions! If you even only think about it then you’re on the right track. 21st century’s slavery is not for you (I mean office of course). Spend more time with your family, friends, travel, learn something new but don’t bechained to the office 5 days a week! You’re worth much more! 

If you have your own stories about making changes in your life, any thoughts you want to share with me or any questions, then don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail! I can also post your stories here, in my blog (I will do it anonymously if you want to). I would love to hear from you. Let’s connect and help or motivate each other! You can write to me through the contact form
Thanks for listening to me and stay tuned!

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” (Andy Warhol)

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