How to stop being an employee and why is it worth making money online?

Many people after graduating from college or reaching a certain age are sure that it is time for them to get hired work. However, many quickly become convinced that this was not the best idea. The schedule is not suitable, it is difficult to find a common language with colleagues or clients, problems arise with the bosses, in the end, an understanding comes that I do not want to work at this place at all. I went through all this and realized that the best alternative is to work for yourself.

You spend more than 40 hours a week at work. Some people don’t care about this fact. Each of us cares about the value and importance of what we receive. Therefore, you must agree that exchanging your time for money is not the best way to earn. There is a much better way in which the value you generate is separated from the cost of your time. For example, making money online! Believe me, there are a lot of ways to earn on the Internet. 

In my blog I write about my personal experience, share tips and useful links, help and guide you. I know that deciding on the first step can be the most difficult and often you need either very strong motivation or support and push. I hope you find all this on my blog – that’s why I’m doing it. 

How to become the online money maker?

Find a niche

Just think! and Google it! Try to analyze what people are looking for on the Internet. Then use some SEO tools to find needed keywords.

Do some SEO and marketing tricks

Yeah right, the tricks. I will show you many of them, don’t worry. Just follow my steps and advice and you’ll get the success.

Monetize your traffic to $$$

Mmm…this is the most luscious part of work. Monetization! When you run your site and you have some traffic, it is time to convert your traffic to the money. I will show you the most profitable affiliate programs and how to get the maximum from them.


My story

My story starts from 8 of March 2020. You can ask me what happened this day? Nothing special, just got pneumonia and got to the hospital. It was the beginning of that, after which I decided it was time to act.

What other guys think about me?

I know Vitaly as an experienced tester and a person who learns very easily and quickly. Perhaps this was the reason for such a quick understanding and learning of SEO. Vitaly is a wonderful, versatile person who is always happy to share with the others everything that he has learned. P.S. Great idea to finally create your own personal blog, Vitaly! Keep it up!

– Julia

I worked with Vitaly when he was just starting his career in testing. Even then, it was clear that Vitaliy could achieve a lot thanks to his desire to learn new things and do his job as well as possible. As I see it, Vitaly is now interested in SEO and I have no doubt that he will succeed in this! My most sincere wishes for good luck to you, Vitaly! 

– Alex

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