My story starts from 8 of March 2020. You can ask me what happened this day? Nothing special,
just got pneumonia and got to the hospital. It was the beginning of that, after which I decided it was time to act.

What do I mean? Many years before I had a dream – to quit my hired job and get income from the Internet. I mean, this seemed always so attractive to me to sit at home, drink coffee, wake up whenever you want, lie down whenever you want and still get your income from the Internet. There’s going to be a little spoiler. I have not yet achieved this (no, no, I have income from the Internet, but not enough for me), I am only in the process, but with you I want to go this way, step by step, so you, my friends, can see on my example that this is possible. And I will do it. True, I already have some income from the Internet right now, but I know that it’s not as big as I can make. My main source of income at the moment is a hired job. I work in IT, as a test engineer. I’ve been working for a five years now. I have recently changed another place of work. I have a good salary by the standards of our country. A good company, an interesting project to work on, but I realize that I don’t want to sit in the office for the rest of my life. That’s why I decided to start a blog – to share with you my experience, to show you that I could pass this test and work completely for myself.

So when I got the pneumonia, something happened inside of me, I realized that I couldn’t… I
couldn’t work for uncle Sam anymore. I want to work for myself. At the hospital, I started to google success stories and I found the same people who ran away from the office and started to work independently in the Internet. I was inspired. I read all night until the morning when the nurses didn’t start walking in the hallway. I remembered that night. It was a push for me.

A month later I went out to work, the mood was not very good, I still remembered that night in the hospital. I went out to work at 7:00 a.m., because we had a release. And yes, seems that I forget to tell you that I’m not very into waking up early.

Today, on 22nd of June, it’s been almost 3 months since the morning I went out to my new work. Would you like to ask if something has changed? Yes, it has. First of all, I launched my website and it has already provided some traffic – about 500 visitors per day. Secondly, I launched this blog for you, dear friends.

Now, I’d like to tell you a little bit about me.
I was born on May 4, 1990 in the glorious city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. I went to school at the age of 6 and studied there for 12 years. My childhood was like that of many – in the backyard with friends chasing a soccer ball from the early morning until it gets dark. I spent a lot of time with my friends. At the age of 15 I tried first alcohol and cigarettes (now I’ve quit for nine years already). Nothing special, a very common childhood for my generation.

During this period, I was in the college (Computer Science). It was a period when I liked everything about IT. Programming, system administration, software testing. In my second year I got an internship at the local company, but I couldn’t stay there. So I just continued my study and in 2012 was graduated. And yes – I’ve never worked as a programmer.

In 2013, about half a year after graduating from the college, I joined the company as an advertisingmanager. The job was to send out emails and look for the advertising spots for the company’s website. Now this website is one of the world leaders in its niche. Working in this company, I became interested in the subject of earning on websites and I created my first website in 2014. It was promoted by me in Google using some simple SEO tricks. I put Google ads on my website and made some pennies. The site existed for 5 years, after which I did not renew the domain, which I’m sorry about. Well, come on. It was my first and the only experience in creating and promoting a website until 2020.

During this period, I managed to work in several large IT offices in Estonia, including the largest bank in Estonia as a software tester and test automation engineer (Java). Already at that moment I started to realize that I was not interested in working in the office and I wanted to earn money on my own websites. These were the first mental steps in the right direction.

And now it’s 2020, I’m here with you now, writing this article, my girlfriend Julia is next to me and everything is fine. In the next blog articles I’ll be telling you about three things – about how to make money in the Internet (I’ll tell you only what I know, because my website has a good traffic already and I get the money from the Internet), about software testing, if someone wants to become a software tester and about my life.

I hope you’ll be interested in following me.
Stay tuned!