The Most Popular Online Payment Service Providers

Payment systems today are very diverse. What to choose, how to set up and what is important to consider when using – the answers to these questions can be found in this article.
The level of complexity of installing payment systems on the site depends on whether it is self-written or works on a constructor. In the second case, it is enough to activate the corresponding plugin. Owners of sites on self-written CMS are ‘less fortunate’ – to integrate the system, you will need to contact a programmer. However, it is not difficult to find specialists who perform maintenance services, because they are in great demand. Or maybe you are already a programmer yourself 🙂 
So let’s look at the most popular and most importantly secure payment systems.


TransferWise is a money transfer service that is convenient when you need to transfer money to another country. You can transfer money to 40 different currencies of other countries.

The main advantage of TransferWise is the exchange rate. The company allows its customers to transfer money honestly from one currency to another, without being subject to transfer high commissions at an exchange rate that you would otherwise have to pay with an ordinary bank transfer. TransferWise offers you a guaranteed exchange rate of 48 hours, which means you do not have to worry about exchange rate changes. To send money, you simply have to pay a transfer fee, which depends on the amount you send.

Registration on the TransferWise website is completely free, and the recipient does not need to have a TransferWise account – all you have to do is provide the recipient’s bank details. You can store 29 currencies in your TransferWise account at a time.

Currently the company is working on creating debit cards for all users linked to the account number you received from TransferWise (i.e. you get a real IBAN number). In this way you can also receive income received in another currency to your account and card and you don’t have to worry about losing money due to exchange rate changes.

Having an account is free, no extra fees, and transfers are also absolutely free. The only surcharge is for currency conversion if, for example, you pay in another currency in another country, but these fees never exceed 1%.

With zero commissions TransferWise really starts a revolution. We are all so used to bank charges and high commissions when transferring money that many of us do not think about how much money we can lose. If you want to avoid this, Estonian origin TransferWise is definitely one of the best options, especially if you have their debit card. You can expect many interesting things from TransferWise – they are really revolutionaries.


PayPal is the largest debit payment system. Today PayPal is available in 190 countries, has over 153 million registered users and supports 24 different currencies. The system started in 1999. The owner of the system is PayPal Inc. (USA, San Jose), PayPal has been a division of eBay since 2002.

PayPal is the simplest and safest system of transferring and receiving money resources on the Internet. PayPal gives you the choice of the most convenient and optimal method of payment, including credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal Smart Connect, or wallet balances, while maintaining the confidentiality of your financial information.

Registration of new users in the PayPal system is free of charge. To do so, you need to fill out a special form on the official website and specify the following data: e-mail address, password, name, date of birth, detailed information about the place of residence, data on the plastic card (the card is bound to the card on request and is available as an option).

Advantages of PayPal payment system, which allowed it to take a leading position in the sector of electronic settlements:

  • Globality (payments within most countries of the world);
  • simplicity and high speed of payments;
  • security (high level of data encryption; complete confidentiality of data transferred to PayPal; protection of user accounts; modern methods of fraud prevention; buyer protection);
  • the most common payment method on eBay (90 percent of sellers on eBay accept payment via PayPal only; additional services for sellers and buyers from PayPal);
  • automatic currency exchange (the conversion center can be PayPal itself or the sender’s banking institution);
  • transactions in “real” money only.

PayPal is a financial services provider that makes free money transfers and online purchases possible. PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, is almost always listed as an online payment option. In fact, you get a digital wallet that you can use to make online payments. Money is debited from your current account later. This can be useful primarily in cases where the order does not reach the seller.

Simply put, PayPal is a virtual wallet which, unlike a “real” wallet, you can only use online. 
Account maintenance in PayPal is free.

PayPal offers a very high level of security as you do not have to provide any details about your bank account when you pay. Opening an account as well as making money transfers is simple and fast. Every time you make a payment, you receive a notification to your email address so you never lose sight of any of them. You can even use the functionality of the PayPal service on your smartphone. This is how the PayPal translation works. Transactions, which are carried out via PayPal, are completely carried out via internal PayPal accounts. This has the advantage of completely concealing your bank account or credit card details from the recipient of the funds. 

Like its parent company, eBay and PayPal also offer so-called buyer protection for online purchases that are paid for with PayPal. For example, if you receive the wrong product or the purchase does not reach you at all, you can use PayPal Buyer Protection.
To start with, you can contact the seller through your PayPal account. If he does not answer or does not plead guilty, you can get back the full purchase price, including shipping costs. Another plus: in extreme cases, PayPal promises to reimburse you for all payments you allegedly didn’t approve of from your account. 


TransferGo is an international money transfer system, which is registered in the UK. The service allows you to send money online easily, quickly and profitably to your family, close friends and clients. You can also send a transfer to your own card in your local, home bank. TransferGo is focused on transfers of personal funds only. Commercial transfers are not available.

Benefits of Transfergo. Westernunion and PayPal translation systems already exist so why to use Transfergo?

  • It’s convenient;
  • It’s profitable;
  • Except for national currency, you can receive the transfer in dollars or euro.

The convenience and simplicity of this transfer system is that you can make a money transfer at any time, in any place convenient for you. For this purpose you only need to have at hand a device with Internet access. You will save your personal time and the time of your loved ones, as there is no need to go anywhere and look for a bank.

TransferGo has a mobile application for Android and IOS.

Your relatives, friends or clients will receive money transfers in the shortest possible time, which you will decide for yourself.

Money transfers via TransferGo, do not work as usual international bank transfers.Let’s say we need to transfer money from USA to Germany. The sender makes a money transfer from his USA bank card or bank account to the USA account of TransferGo.
TransferGo, in its turn, after confirming receipt of funds, transfers the equivalent amount to the recipient from his local German account in EUR. Thus, the money does not actually go through the border, but simply transfers a payment order.

TransferGo is registered in the UK. The security and privacy of money transfers TransferGo is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FCA) and supervised by the Royal Customs and Revenue Service (HMRC).


PaySend is an increasingly popular international card to card transfer service with a low fixed commission. PaySend opens money transfer corridors to more than 50 countries worldwide. If earlier people tormented themselves with services, banks, transfers through electronic wallets, paid a large commission (or additional commission for cashing), now with PaySend you can easily transfer money to almost any country.

PaySend works quickly and transparently.  All you need to do to translate is go to or download the iOS/Android mobile application. All details of the transfer are open before making a transfer: the payer sees the amounts to be transferred and set off, the rate and commission.

The exchange rate is often more advantageous than the bank rate: PaySend is registered on the currency exchanges, and the exchange is made at the rate “at current time + about 1% of the exchange fee” (usually banks have a commission for currency exchange starting from 2.5%). 
Translation security guaranteed by international PCI DSS protocols. Transfer speed – from 10 seconds (delays can only be caused by the bank-acquirer). You only need a phone and password to register. 

For those 3 years that PaySend was created, tested and launched, nothing of the kind has appeared in the money transfer market. So far it is the first and the only fast and profitable way to transfer money from card to card. Test it at and see everything by yourself.


Epayments is an electronic payment service, which by its specificity is an association of electronic payment systems and allows its clients to register their own debit bank cards.

In order to start using the Epayments service, a potential client must register on the payment system’s Internet portal. During registration, the client must correctly specify all personal data, including surname, first name, patronymic and postal data. After this procedure and depending on the type of registration on the payment system’s website, the client will need to pay for the membership in Epayments, the price of the annual membership is 34.95 U.S. dollars for one year, or get a free year during the payment system promotions for free registration. After confirming the membership, a personal debit plastic card will be sent to the address specified by the client during the registration on the Internet resource, and depending on the work of the country’s post office the plastic card will be delivered within two to six weeks.

After receiving a debit card by the system member, he must activate it, and the card can be activated in several ways: by phone call to the office of Epayments payment system or by personal account on the system’s website. It should be noted that a client who has received an Epayments card has the opportunity to adjust the card to his needs and requirements, for example, to remove various limits that are initially set by Epayments for various financial transactions, for this purpose the client will need to pass the identification on the system’s website. Identification is carried out by sending scans or colour copies of the main page of the client’s passport and confirming the address where the card was delivered. This can be done by sending scans of utility bills or invoices to one of the financial institutions. After the PIN-code is provided to the cardholder and the cardholder is identified on the payment system’s website, the client can perform full financial operations with the Epayments card.

Today, Epayments payment system is ready to provide its clients with a number of unique opportunities for various financial transactions: 
After registration in the system, a client has an opportunity to execute a personal debit card ePayments Card, which is provided to him by the payment system for three years and by its properties is an international financial instrument;
The possibility of accepting financial resources to a personal account opened with a Gibraltar bank; 

Ability to use a personal cabinet on the payment system website, with the help of which a client of ePayments can track all transactions carried out on his account, exchange funds, withdraw and enter funds into the system, track commissions and much more.

How can a potential customer get a free annual membership in the payment system? In order not to pay for registration in the system 34.95 dollars and get a free annual membership in the payment system Epayments, a potential client needs to use a specialized promotional code, which can be found on various major sites and financial forums dedicated to virtual payment systems. Another opportunity to extend annual membership in the system for free is to accumulate 50 points on bonus system Epayments. If we continue talking about interesting features of this payment system, it should be emphasized that the work of this resource has its own loyalty system, which allows you to accumulate points for the following actions. For example, drawing attention to the system of new clients with the help of affiliate programs and links, writing articles and notes about the financial system on forums, blogs and other special resources, as well as many other interesting opportunities.


First of all, you need to register your Skrill account, it’s free and easy (you can find instructions later in this article). Once registered you will be able to use your email address as an identifier. In order to get the money you need to enter your email address on the sites you want to withdraw funds from.

Withdrawal of money through the payment system is in 3 stages.
1. By registering an account, you connect it to the site from which you are going to withdraw money.
2. Transfer money from the site to your Skrill account.
3. Send money from Skrill to your bank account or to your card

Here we go! Take your card and withdraw money from an ATM, cash register or pay through a terminal.

Registration is very easy in 5 steps, you can do it in a few minutes. For your convenience, I have prepared a small instruction with screenshots.

Go to and click on registration. In the first step you will need to enter your email, which in the future you will use as an ID for withdrawal and password.

On the second step you will need to enter your name, surname and date of birth. To register, you must be at least 18 years old.

On step 3, you will need to specify your country and the currency you want to use. Attention! Skrill makes its payments in euros. If you earn in dollars, you will be able to transfer money through Skrill in dollars without any problems, but in this case it will be converted twice. It is more profitable to open a Skrill account in euros. Then you will only convert your money to euros once, when you replenish your Skrill wallet (if you earn in dollars, but if you earn in euros there will be no conversions). You will be able to withdraw your money in cash in Euros, and change it at a favorable rate.

In the 4th step you need to give your address. Do not worry, this information will not be displayed anywhere, and is only obligatory for security reasons. If you lose access to your account or forget your password, these details will help you prove that you are you and return the access.

The last step is to give your phone number and you’re ready to go. The phone is used only in emergency situations, no advertising sms come, and again – all your data will be confidential.

If you have chosen a currency – dollars, immediately after registration you can see this message in your control panel. It says that the skrill no longer accepts bank transfers in US dollars, but you should not worry. You can still receive money in dollars and send it to your card without any problems. It’s just that the funds will be additionally converted to euros, but this is almost not affected on the amount of transfer. If you want to simplify the procedure completely, you can open an account in euros and send it to your card.

Once you’ve registered your account in the scrill, let’s figure out how to withdraw the money – it’s easy. In your Skrill control panel you need to connect a withdrawal method. Usually they use their own currency card, which can be opened in many banks without any problems and for free. 

Attention! You need the card from VISA, not Mastercard – ask for a VISA when you draw up the card. Please, pay attention to how the operator will fill your data in Latin (it should be the same as in passport or ID). Also, the card must be physical, not virtual.

Once you have a Skrill account and a currency card from your local bank, you need to tie them together. To do this, go to your control panel and find the “Cards and bank accounts” button and click on “Add credit or debit card”. Following the instructions, enter the card number, expiry date and CVV code.

Important! Your card should have a couple of dollars (up to $3 will be enough) to connect your card to Skrill. The procedure is as follows – a random amount will be charged to your card and you will need to specify exactly what amount has been charged in the Skrill control panel. 
Make sure that your card is connected to the Internet and has an adequate limit. Even more important! When you add a card, you will be able to specify that it is a “gambling” card. Many users who have not done so have had problems with verification, so I advise you to choose this option.
If you have problems with the verification of your card, you can write to Skrill support via this email Once you have connected your card you can easily withdraw funds from your Skrill account to your dollar card (a card in any currency will do, you just need to consider the currency conversion rate). This is a great advantage among other payment systems, which allows you to withdraw only in local currency and not in dollars.

Opening an account in the payment system is absolutely free. Transfer of money from sites to your account – different depending on the sites (usually $1), from Skrill itself to a bank card costs 7%. The commission seems to be high, but if you consider alternative options – withdrawal in UAH and buying currency at the exchange rate, you still get a better chance to use Skrill.

If in your particular case, 7% of the amount goes more than $ 25, I advise to use a bank transfer using SWIFT. In case of a bank transfer, you will pay a fixed Skrill commission of 5.5 EUR + possibly an intermediary bank commission.

An interesting thing about SWIFT transfers is that it is not known whether the bank commission will be charged in your particular case (the intermediary bank is always different), from my own experience and that of my acquaintances I can say that I get on average 50/50. But even if the commission is withdrawn, it will be no more than $25. You need to know the Swift details of your card (you can see it in online banking) and connect it in your Skrill panel. The connection and withdrawal procedure is the same as for your card.

After the transfer, you will be able to withdraw money without any problems and with no additional fees at the cash desk in dollars/euros, and change it at a favorable rate.


Payoneer – a payment system that provides financial services and money transfers. Launched in 2005, today the number of users reaches 4 million people in 200 countries worldwide.

It is recommended to use Payoneer’s mobile application to manage international payments. It is an ideal complement to a user’s web account, allowing a variety of actions to be performed literally on the go. For example, with its help you can check your balance, send requisites, receive notifications and much more.

You can spend and withdraw funds in any country with the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard. You can use it to make purchases in shops and withdraw cash from ATMs around the world.


  • Receive funds in several currencies (EUR, USD, CAD etc.);
  • Connect to thousands of online sites and receive payment in a few clicks;
  • Sending payment requests to foreign clients through the “Payment request” service;
  • Withdrawing funds to bank accounts with minimum fees and cash withdrawals at ATMs;
  • Transfer of VAT to EU and UK tax authorities;
  • Transfers to suppliers (to Payoneer accounts – free of charge);
  • Easy and fast registration;
  • Minimum Commissions;
  • Ability to open Payoneer card;
  • Quicker crediting of money to the account;
  • Both individuals and entrepreneurs can work with Payoneer;
  • The bank does not charge any commission for the operation.


If you sell your services online, then today you cannot do it without payment systems, the market for which is constantly evolving. Among these business tools, you can find suitable for any goals and objectives.

When choosing a payment system, attention should be paid to three factors:

  • site requirements;technical compatibility;working conditions with this system in different regions, including the size of the commission.
  • A convenient and reliable payment system is one of the important tools for your online business that will allow you to receive the trust of your customers, increase sales and gain a good reputation.

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