Work as a Software Tester Remotely (Ultimate Guide)

Guys, I want to tell you whether it is possible to work remotely as a tester? In short, then yes, of course, there are several ways that I want to talk about below. Now, after/during the current situation with Covid-19 you are more than welcome to work at home. Concerning myself – I worked as a tester both remotely and as a freelancer. 

Let’s start with the remote.

1. The first resource I would like to draw your attention to is Linkedin. Linkedin is the place where IT specialists, recruiters, owners of IT companies, etc hang out. And, of course, there are many vacancies. So, first of all, go to, then go to the Work tab, in the field ‘Search by name, skill or company’ write ‘tester remote’ and in the ‘City, state or postal code’ field, write the region – for example, USA. Click the Search button and here we see a list of vacancies in which the word ‘remote’ can be found. We look at each vacancy, submit an application and wait for an answer. It is necessary to submit many applications at once for many positions, so your chances for finding a job will increase.


2. The second popular resource for finding remote work is Go to, in the ‘What’ field alsowrite the ‘tester remote’ and press Job Search. Just in case, I’ll tell you that will show you only the employers based in the USA. If you want to find a company, for example from the UK, use the site instead. After you click on the search button, you will see a list of all vacancies for the request ‘tester remote’, where this phrase can be found. You just have to leave a request for the vacancy you are interested in.

3. Another resource is This site is quite popular to find a job. We go to and in the search query we write the “tester remote” and in the search location you can select a specific region such as Los Angeles. 

There are many search job sites around the world. And yes – this is exactly remote! Don’t go to the office, guys, because it’s a slavery.
Let’s talk about freelance now. If you want to become a freelancer I can give you some advice and tell you which are the possibilities.

1. Upwork – the largest freelance platform in the world for testing and finding testers. To become a tester at Upwork you need to register on Upwork as a freelancer, fill out a profile about yourself and candidates for proposals that will appear in the Testing category. How much can you earn with Upwork? It all depends on your experience and how much the customer will offer. You can set your hourly rate, for example $20 per hour. I advise you to compare prices from other freelance testers who provide the same testing services as you. Sure you can ask for a lower price but don’t understate the price too much.

2. The second option for freelancing is working on crowdtesting platforms. Crowdtesting is a special platform where thousands of testers are ready to test any web or mobile application on their own gadgets and laptops. And it is NOT for free! There are real users, terms and maximum result in gaining knowledge and experience on crowdtesting platforms. You can participate in several projects at once, find bugs and if the bug will be acknowledged by the customer you can earn $15 for a bug or maybe even $50 – depending on the project and the criticality of the bug found. Thus, you get not only the necessary experience, but also a real opportunity to make money. Here you need to be careful with bugs, because every bug rejected by the customer affects your statistics and the better statistics you have, the higher price you’ll get for projects. So remember – quality over quantity! 

The one more reason why crowdtesting is a good choice – it’s a great choice for already experienced testers to make some part-time jobs or for female testers who want to earn some money while being on maternity leave. 
Now I will tell you about 10 most popular crowdtesting platforms.

#1 Global App Testing

Global App Testing provides QA for some of the world’s biggest users, including Facebook, Microsoft, Warner Bros. and many others.

Global App Testing reduces time and effort, provides access to global tests for real-world results and helps you build better applications:

  • Testing completed and delivered in less than 48 hours and all bugs are presented in your bug tracker (JIRA, Asana, GitHub and many more) with clear steps to reproduce, such as screenshots and videos. 
  • More than 20,000 professional QA testers are located in over 84 countries. 10 different platforms and almost limitless OS combinations.
  • More than 6,894 apps were tested and over 110,000 bugs were found, resulting in a 3-5x increase in app store rejection rates and reviews.

Types of testing:

  • Exploratory Testing
  • Test Case Execution/Regression
  • Localization

#2 Digivante

With high profile clients such as Audi, GymShark and Calvin Klein, Digivante offers standards for functional testing, usability testing and conversion testing.

Digivante has more than 55,000 professional testers worldwide and has access to hundreds of different browser and device combinations for full optimization across all platforms. Unlike other testing companies, the Digivante testing community is not only made up of testers, but also employs experienced, seasoned testers who are frequently tested and rated, ensuring that only the highest quality professional testers are testing your application or website. No time wasted.

Using this community, Digivante performs 24-day testing in just 24 hours, after which the results undergo secondary authentication by internal teams, which are then validated and prioritized by severity through videos and screenshots, ensuring that your internal teams are solving the most important problems.


  • 24/7 testing tailored to your personal needs
  • Customized, industry-leading testing services
  • Customized testing services
  • Testing expert community

#3 test IO

test IO was founded in 2011 with offices in Berlin and San Francisco. During testing, the software will be thoroughly tested by professional testers around the world. It supports website testing, web testing, and mobile testing.

Crowdtesting with test IO gives you thousands of experienced testers looking for bugs in your software that you didn’t expect. The testers at test IO are resourceful, flexible and curious. 

In order to test the software with test IO, you need to download a mobile application or share a website URL with test IO, and then the test input command will safely disseminate information to interested testers around the world. You will receive your initial test result within an hour of starting the test. The bug report contains detailed information about the bug, and you can post bugs using videos or screenshots. All mobile devices with different versions are available for testing on test IO. 

Benefits of testing with test IO:

  • The IO test matches your software tests against testers based on their experience, device, and geography.
  • Testers are required to sign an NDA with test IO, which ensures that access is restricted to trusted test IO works with continuous delivery methodology.
  • Integration with project management and bug tracking tool.

Types of testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Beta Testing

#4 QA Mentor

QA Mentor has a network of more than 12,000 testers worldwide, representing 182 countries. Each project is carried out by a dedicated project coordinator. It uses its own platform for storing test cases, and defects are used in all crowdsourcing programs to facilitate customer access.

Its crowdsourcing community uses over 600 different mobile versions, 182 languages, over 400 browser and OS combinations. It only costs $50 per month.

Benefits of testing with QA Mentor:

  • More than 12,000 testers from 182 countries
  • It is possible to test almost any localized language
  • 600+ mobile devices coverage
  • Over 400 combinations of browsers and OS
  • Dedicated project coordinator for each project
  • On-demand testing from 30 minutes to several weeks.
  • QA Mentor services include:
  • Functional Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • User Experience (UX) Testing
  • Game Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Load Testing

#5 Testlio

Testlio is a leader in testing with an industry-leading platform and unrivaled quality assurance experts. Their clients include CBS, Fox, Etsy,, Lyft, Microsoft, MLS, NBA, Strava, USA Today and Vimeo.

Benefits of Testlio:

  • Quality. With thousands of verified testers in nearly 100 countries, it offers an extensive pool of the best quality testers in the business. Since the network only accepts 3% of testers registrations, it offers a sample of the most trained and motivated testers.
  • Global. Expert QA testers can cover any device, location, language, or internet connection.
  • Fast and efficient: Unlike other platforms, Testlio testers are paid by the hour, not by errors. This means better problem detection and intelligent reporting, which saves you critical defect management time.
  • Transparency: With Testlio, you gain insight into every step of the testing process – from testers, devices, and test cycles to discovered issues. You can find out about all testers in your project and communicate with them.

Types of testing:

  • Regression testing
  • Usability testing
  • Functional testing
  • Automated testing

#6 Crowdsprint

Crowdsprint has a network of more than 100,000 testers worldwide and about 1,000 specialist testers. They also have a separate Test Manager and Delivery Manager who manages test delivery at each stage. These test and delivery managers are involved in defining requirements, creating a test plan, managing the test cycle, generating various types of reports, and many other management activities.

It uses over 50+ devices such as laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphones, and more, and using the power of the crowd, the app can be tested on different devices in a different environment. Crowdsprint supports testing on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platforms.

Benefits of testing with Crowdsprint:

  • Access to a large pool of global testers.
  • Real users test the app on a real device.
  • Increases ROI.

Types of testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • Cross-browser Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Beta Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • User Experience (UX) Testing

#7 CrowdsourcedTesting

CrowdsourcedTesting was founded in 2012 by Simon Papineau. The CrowdsourcedTesting community is spread across 182 countries and employs over 56,000 testers. CrowdsourcedTesting contacts various software companies and tests their products.

CrowdsourcedTesting has a large number of testers who are available at short notice and test the product in a different environment, with multiple devices if needed. Since there are different testers from different places with different experiences, you have a chance to get more information, ideas and flaws in the system.

CrowdsourcedTesting tests websites, iOS and Android apps, video games, software, and Windows Phone.

Types of testing:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Localization Testing

#8 Rainforest

Rainforest was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco. They are building a new way to do QA. Rainforest is the only platform that supports the AI-powered crowdtest platform and agile testing and development. The company maintains a web and mobile app for crowdsourcing QA testing. For tracking issues, Rainforest supports JIRA and Pivotal Tracker.

Benefits of testing with Rainforest:

  • The Rainforest testers network is always available for testing.
  • It provides test results in 30 minutes.
  • It supports Android and iOS mobile platforms.
  • It supports cross browser testing and cross platform testing.
  • Rainforest supports browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.

Types of testing:

  • Web Application Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • Exploratory Testing

#9 Pay4Bugs

Pay4Bugs, the name itself says that it pays for the detected bug. Testers at Pay4Bugs detect software bugs and report them immediately. There are thousands of testers online, ready to test at any time of the day.

Pay4Bugs gathers testers from the crowd and tests your product in real conditions with real people. Testers at Pay4Bugs provide actionable bug reports that give you all the information you need about the defect so you can easily reproduce it. Pay4Bugs helps you identify bugs before they become a critical issue.

In Pay4Bugs, you have to inform testers about your requirements and what kind of bug you are looking for. Along with this, you also need to inform them of the payout as well as how much you pay them.

Once testers start identifying bugs, you need to review the bug and approve it accordingly. If the bug found by the tester is a duplicate bug, you need to report it to the tester and reject the bug. Once you can reproduce the bug and validate it, it moves on to the bug tracking software.

Benefits of testing with Pay4Bugs:

  • Export approved bugs to Github or any other bug tracking tool quickly and easily.
  • Pay4Bugs supports Android, the iOS testing platform.
  • Test results are determined in a short time.

#10 Testbirds

Testbirds was founded in 2011 in Munich, Germany and is currently the world’s leading crowd testing provider. Testbirds is distributed throughout Italy, North America and has offices in Munich, London, Amsterdam and Stockholm. It has a worldwide testing community spread across 193 countries and 200,000 registered testers.

Testers must pass an entrance exam to show that they can deliver high quality software to the end user. Testbirds tests website or web app, mobile app, games, IoT, etc.

If the end user finds any error, it will ruin the company’s image in the market. Testbirds provides a bulk testing service where you can look for bugs. 

Testbirds also offers around 450,000 devices that have multiple operating system and software combinations. It also provides Virtual Machines with such combinations of software and operating system. The Testbirds framework is useful for continuous deployment.

Benefits of testing with Testbirds:

  • The test platform is available 24/7/365.
  • All devices and operating systems are available for testing at any time.
  • Customers can track their products or software testing in real time for all ongoing projects.
  • Errors are checked and approved in the system.
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • UX / UI Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Email Template Testing

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